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Egg Donation is a form of assisted reproductive technology in which a woman provides her eggs to Intended Parents for use in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure (with either the Intended Mother or a gestational surrogate carrying the child) with the intent that the Intended Parents will become the legal parents of the child.

The range of legal issues involved in anonymous and identified egg donor arrangements is wide. Some of these issues involve whether the intended parents would like to request genetic testing beyond those tests commonly performed by the reproductive endocrinologist, defining the donor’s obligation to inform the Intended Parents if in the future she obtains information regarding her health that may impact the child, confidentiality and privacy between the parties as well as ensuring that all parties are aware of the risks and consequences involved with the medical procedures and egg donation in general. Perhaps the most critical term that must be included in any egg donor contract is that the donor is knowingly and voluntarily terminating any potential parental rights so that any child born as a result of the donation is legally that of the intended parents only.

The Fertility Law Firm has a wide breath of experience documenting anonymous, known donor and friends and family egg donation arrangements. We are able to guide you at each step in the process making sure your document meets the necessary requirements under California law as well as the specific needs and requests your situation requires.

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