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The Fertility Law Firm offers comprehensive and highly personalized legal services to individuals and couples seeking to create their family through surrogacy, egg donation, or embryo donation. The firm also provides legal counsel to surrogates, egg donors, and embryo donors.

Founded by a former Intended Parent and mother of twins through gestational surrogacy, the firm values the emotional journey and experience of each client. This personal understanding coupled with sophisticated legal counsel, is designed to educate and support each client on what to ask and what to expect during your entire third party reproductive process.
We understand attorney availability is a key factor in helping expedite the legal process and eliminating as many unknowns as possible. Even the best legal advice can’t help if you if you can’t reach your attorney. We are available for our clients when it’s convenient for them, whether that is after hours or on weekends.

Independence and transparency are also key values of the firm. The firm is not affiliated with, involved in, and does not have any financial interest in any agency or medical practice. This means any referral we make to help you build your family is based on what fits your needs, not ours. We also work on a flat fee structure, which incentivizes our clients to ask as many questions as they need and eliminates the lack of predictability inherent in hourly billing.

We pride ourselves on promoting equality by helping a diverse clientele of non-traditional, traditional and internationally based couples and individuals become parents through collaborative reproduction. We are also proud to represent the Surrogates, Egg Donors and Embryo Donors who generously make parenting possible for others. We love helping people create families and we would love to help you! To schedule a free ½ hour initial consultation with an experienced fertility lawyer, please call, Skype or e-mail us.


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